EasyOffRoad UK

You no longer need to purchase expensive electronic copies of your maps.

EasyOffRoad UK is easy to use GPS navigation software that allows you to convert your paper maps into electronic maps by simply taking a picture of the map with the phones camera and providing three coordinates. Alternatively, you can import a scanned image of the map and use the softwares calibration routine to obtain an electronic map. You can pre-plan your outdoor excursions by defining any number of navigational markers on the map which are stored permanently with the electronic map. The software provides you with the tools and information required to navigate your way in unfamiliar surrounding and/or poor visibility conditions.

 The software includes inbuilt support for walking, cycling, mountain biking, sailing and any other outdoor pursuit maps including those provided by the Ordnance Survey┬« for the UK and Ireland.

Features for Version 1.2

  • Supports outdoor maps produced for the UK and the Republic of Ireland
  • Maps are stored off-line so can be used even when there is no phone signal
  • Customized map display resolution
  • Built-in Navigation Compass
  • Current position marked on the map and displayed as coordinates
  • Journey to date information marked on the map
  • Way marker based navigation with direction and distance information
  • Remaining Journey Distance and Time of Arrival information
  • Real-time Journey data continualy available onscreen
  • Automatic compensation for camera induced map distortions

The software is compatible with Windows Mobile 6.X devices and can be download for free from Here.

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